A professional and community theatre company based in Bournemouth, Dorset.

Have you ever longed to be part of a creative company and to develop your talent and skills in a supportive and friendly environment?  This is the company for you. Join our professionally led artistic team by performing and working backstage in design, lighting, sets, costume, props, sound and film projections.

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We offer:

  • Exciting new Theatre Productions  and Workshops in all aspects.
  • A one year part-time Foundation Course, leading to a One Year Performing Course, working with members of the Artemis Actors Company,and other professional practitioners.
  • Opportunities for new writers to see their work produced.
Theatre production of Thembones - the Bones People

Artemis is inspired by Ancient and modern Myths and Storytelling from the diverse cultures of our Society

The Artemis Actors Company is central to the organisation, presenting the best in local, national and international theatre.It welcomes all professional actors, theatre technicians and designers, Members develop their own innovative  productions, whilst providing training support to Artemis students and community projects.

Calling  Sponsors, Patrons, Theatres

Artemis welcomes your Support in delivering new work and creative Projects that enrich our Communities and inspire all.

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The company celebrates cultural diversity in its membership and content, and seeks to show the transformational power of theatre in communal consciousness and in the individual.  

If you have a passion and interest in the Arts then join us now.

“Boldness has genius, magic and power in it.  Begin it now.” Goethe

Christina Artemis has undertaken workshops in directing actors at Bournemouth University for postgraduate and undergraduate students. She has also assisted with performance in research projects. Christina’s work has been consistently focused, helpful and appreciated by staff and students. She has extensive experience to draw upon in acting, singing, dancing as well as teaching, which students benefit from. She has demonstrated particular strengths in teaching the craft of acting to non-actors and how to work with actors. Christina inspires confidence in students working with performers and has been an asset in contributing to and managing group productions. I look forward to working with Christina in future projects.
— Dr. Trevor Hearing, Principal Lecturer, Bournemouth University