Vagina Monologues

Artemis was closely associated with the Winchester Pub theatre, Bournemouth, creating platforms for new writers to present their work and opportunities for artists to hone their skills. We are very grateful to Mark Berry for his continued support during that time, until the premises were sadly taken over.

Eve Ensler; new version directed by Christina Artemis to great acclaim

I worked with Christina as my Director in the summer of 2016 in a portrayal of Eve Mendes’ The Vagina Monologues at the Winchester pub theatre in Bournemouth. I was one of three other actresses performing two monologues each as well as some other interactive pieces that tied the whole play together. I have been acting for ten years in film but had never worked in Theatre before. I came in late as someone had dropped out and Christina took a punt on me having never worked together before. We hit it off immediately we met.
Christina was professional and passionate and thoroughly committed to directing us all enthusiastically and tirelessly. She believed in the play and she made it clear she believed in us, even though, for some of us, namely me, it was really quite a challenging undertaking.
She incorporated breathwork and team building exercises before each rehearsal that broke down invisible barriers we weren’t even aware were there and ensured that we all bonded and worked together as one. She managed to bring the best out in all of us and the play was a tremendous success, selling out three nights in a row, which for a low budget play is not easy to do.
She is always upbeat, warm hearted and available and it was a wonderful first experience for me in theatre.
I learnt a lot in the process about my limits and capabilities, perceived and unperceived, real and unreal and I definitely grew in personal power and confidence under her gentle but firm direction.
Many thanks Christina and may we work together again soon in some capacity or other.
— Sarah Collinge. Actress.
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Trial By Ego 2014.png

Written by A N Merle and Directed by Christina Artemis.
A private viewing of the new play  before an invited audience at The Shelley theatre, Shelley Park, Bournemouth BH5 1LX


Trial by Ego is a complex, black, psychological, Brechtian drama that draws the lead character into a confusing quagmire, namely a trial in the civil courts whilst contemporaneously subjecting him to a trial in his own mind by different aspects of himself  (the archetypes of Psychopath, the Genius, the Joker)


Sign of the Strawberry

Sign of the Strawberry was commissioned to re-open “Strawberry Hill House, Twickenham, Surrey after millions spent on renovation. An extraordinary project being ‘Site Specific’ Theatre with a professional cast; Costumes designed & created by 3rd year students of Bournemouth’s Arts Institute.


A ghost story set in an 18th century gothic-style house might appear, at first, not for the faint-hearted.

But do not fear, The Sign of the Strawberry is a fun tale and a not too terror-inducing promenade experience although with the occasional plunge into darkness and “ghosts” appearing out of the shadows it is not completely tame either.

Horace Walpole’s Strawberry Hill House at Twickenham is the setting and the main character in the play is the ghost of Horace himself.

The son of Britain’s first Prime Minister, Robert Walpole, Horace converted what was originally just a couple of cottages into his “little gothic castle” with battlements and arched windows on the outside and gilded ceilings and fireplaces within.

The basic plot of the Sign of the Strawberry is not new -– an orphan “Hero” has to spend a night in a haunted bedchamber after which he will learn something to his advantage. However the experience of moving through the house and the quality of the acting gives so much more.

During the course of the play you learn about life at Strawberry Hill and there is reference to, and a short reading from, Walpole’s The Castle of Otranto, widely looked at as the first gothic novel.

As you are led through the rooms you can't help wonder about the personality of the man that created this gothic masterpiece. We were left wanting more and pledging to return in the daylight for another look.

By Joanna Moncrieff


What The Butler Saw

by Jo Orton

 Directed by Annie Herridge


Libidos' run rampant in this comic farce about licensed insanity. From the moment when Dr Prentice, a psychoanalyst, instructs a prospective secretary to undress; this psychiatric clinic becomes a world of carnivalesque chaos where rampant mistaken identities, undressing and cross dressing add layer upon layer of mischievous confusion to this black comedy.

What the Butler Saw (a euphemism for an English ‘peep show’) was hailed as Orton’s masterpiece, and was his final play before being bludgeoned to death by his lover, Kenneth Halliwell, back in 1967.

“ ….after 40 years this epic still has the power to shock….it is as outrageously and scandalously funny as ever.”




Life in  post-invasion Iraq is dangerous  - especially if you are young musicians trying to assemble an orchestra  for a concert in bombed out Baghdad. When  they invite an ancient musician from the city's once thriving Jewish community to conduct the orchestra, lives are put at risk. Is their faith in music enough to heal the fear and hate that is spreading through the city? SoulPost is inspired by stories told to Christine Aziz by Iraqi people during her visit to Baghdad immediately after the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003. 

Little Boy Synopsis

For his debut stage play, Hollywood screenwriter, John Foster, delves into the mind of the man who gave the all clear for the bombing of Hiroshima.  Returning to  America  as a hero,   Major Claude Eatherly  realizes the full  horror of what he has done.  He turns bank robber to support  Hiroshima’s victims.  But it isn’t enough. There is only one way to atone...

But the thing that I saw in your face

No power can disinherit:

No bomb that ever burst

Shatters the crystal spirit.

~ by George Orwell, written in Autumn 1942





A week in the life of two bouncers, one trying to define his masculinity in an ever changing society, with ever changing conceptions of what it is to be masculine in the modern world.

Written by Steven Murphy and Johnny Ciardini.

Directed by Christina Artemis

Although my screen play, Doorways needed work, Christina was incredibly supportive and encouraging. She agreed to direct the play and we staged it.

The experience was one of the greatest of my life, we sold out 2 nights running, I couldn’t believe it!

It was a turning point in my life and made me believe I could do this and that I was worthy of something, maybe I had found my way to do something, finally.

Without Cristina’s passion, support and encouragement it wouldn’t have been made.

I have made a couple of feature films now but without Cristina it wouldn’t have happened.

Her dedication and passion is as fresh now as when we first met, she’s a very inspiring lady, sees things differently to the ‘nor’ and made me believe.
— Steven Murphy, Writer


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The Weevil Inside The Mind of Van Gogh

in association with Dead Rat Theatre Company

Written and Directed by Vincent Paxton

The Dutch painter's final years are portrayed through his thoughts which take on human form, guiding the good ship SS Van Gogh through the troubled waters of his mind while his guardian angel is a weevil boring into his brain as he sinks into syphilis-induced madness.

River Wide

in association with Seed Studios

Led and inspired by Isaac Sigley and Christina Artemis

A cultural project developed  with young people, ages 11-16 yrs old, over 12 week workshops at Avonbourne Girls School and Portchester Boys School. There were 2 theatre performances using film installation, sound, dance and storytelling. They wrote the script, developing their own creation myth with the help of the facilitators. The story focused on two tribes whose warring history centred on their inability to share dwindling resources of food and water.

Not only has my son been inspired to take up acting seriously, but he is now starting St. Peters school this summer, to focus on his acting.
— Mother of Jack


Thembones Poster.jpeg

Thembones - Rock Musical

Written by Vincent Paxton. Directed by Christina Artemis

This Gothic tale - Tim Burton style is a modern slant on Orpheus’ journey into the Underworld. It is the tale of one man who tries to save the graveyard where his loved  ones are buried. He confronts his Nemesis - Mr W.Easel who will go to any lengths to become rich by turning our precious architectural heritage into concrete.

Satan's Fish

Written and directed by Vincent Paxton

Three children have been missing from a Cornish village in 1914. The village is set beside a deep ancient river with a myth of a devil fish living.


Mary Shelley Poster.jpeg

Mary Shelley Goes to Hollywood

Written By Christine Aziz - Winner Of Richard & Judy Book Competition 2005. Directed  by Christina Artemis

Frankenstein's Monster stalks his creator, Mary Shelley from the mists of Gothic 19th century England to the crazy world of 40’s Hollywood Glitz. When he finds her, is it love he wants or revenge?


Narcissus Poster.jpeg


Written by Natalya Hammond-Betts. Directed by Christina Artemis

The classic myth of a young man, son of the gods who falls in love with his own reflection, while spurning the love ofbeautiful Echo, is given a dark new twist. It confronts modern day obsession with beauty and image and connects it to the issues of today. 



Devised by Christina Artemis, Natalya Hammond-Betts and Fiona Powell

A stunning 20  minute Dance Drama, bringing to life this Goddess of Indian culture, creating greater understanding of our multi cultural diversity.

Aphrodite & the Apple.jpeg

Aphrodite And The Apple  

Written by Alison Finch Directed by Christina Artemis

The Story of Helen of Troy famous for her great beauty and her passionate affair with Prince Paris; showing the influence of the Greek Gods and Goddesses on Mortal life; Eris,the Goddess of Discord sets up a challenge, and Prince Paris chooses Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, who offers him, Helen as his prize! And the destruction of Troy  begins!