Introducing Christina

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About Christina Artemis, Founder of Artemis Performance Arts

With a wealth of experience spanning over 3 decades in the artistic field and transformational Drama workshops, Christina Artemis could be described as a creative entrepreneur. A professional actress & singer; theatre director; teacher of drama & dance; a life energy coach in the personal development field; a Breath Mastery trainer offering her innovative Workshops nationally and internationally (most well known are Goddess Training, Way of the Warrior and Self Mastery (Rebirth practitioner training). She has travelled into Europe, Cyprus, Israel and 6 years in Australasia offering her work.

Christina Artemis started her career with a City of London Drama Arts & teaching degree --LGSM&D; She enjoyed a successful theatrical career, and always interested in metaphysics, psychic work and energy healing; started a parallel career, creating her own courses, workshops teaching self esteem, self empowerment, personal development throughout UK & internationally. She ran a Healing Centre for 10 years in Bristol specializing in Breath Mastery and professional training.

Returning to London, Christina founded Artemis Performance Arts in 2004. Now based in Bournemouth, produced 14 Productions. All of these plays were “new works” written by local people giving them and the community the opportunity to raise their skills and self esteem supported by professional artists, directors, teachers. Her work is unique whether in rehearsals or workshops; she uses techniques based on ancient secrets which have been used throughout the centuries for self-discovery, healing and increasing imagination & life force energy. She has written & self published “Doorways to Power’ about her work (available online) and currently writing a fantasy novel based on a young man and woman’s quest to find each other at the ancient temple of the Goddess Aphrodite.

Christina has been described as inspirational, charismatic and full of energy!!

Her passion is inspiring others to transform their lives and live their dreams!