Weevil Poster.jpeg

The Weevil Inside The Mind of Van Gogh

in association with Dead Rat Theatre Company

Written and Directed by Vincent Paxton

The Dutch painter's final years are portrayed through his thoughts which take on human form, guiding the good ship SS Van Gogh through the troubled waters of his mind while his guardian angel is a weevil boring into his brain as he sinks into syphilis-induced madness.

River Wide

in association with Seed Studios

Led and inspired by Isaac Sigley and Christina Artemis

A cultural project developed  with young people, ages 11-16 yrs old, over 12 week workshops at Avonbourne Girls School and Portchester Boys School. There were 2 theatre performances using film installation, sound, dance and storytelling. They wrote the script, developing their own creation myth with the help of the facilitators. The story focused on two tribes whose warring history centred on their inability to share dwindling resources of food and water.

Not only has my son been inspired to take up acting seriously, but he is now starting St. Peters school this summer, to focus on his acting.
— Mother of Jack