Vagina Monologues

Artemis was closely associated with the Winchester Pub theatre, Bournemouth, creating platforms for new writers to present their work and opportunities for artists to hone their skills. We are very grateful to Mark Berry for his continued support during that time, until the premises were sadly taken over.

Eve Ensler; new version directed by Christina Artemis to great acclaim

I worked with Christina as my Director in the summer of 2016 in a portrayal of Eve Mendes’ The Vagina Monologues at the Winchester pub theatre in Bournemouth. I was one of three other actresses performing two monologues each as well as some other interactive pieces that tied the whole play together. I have been acting for ten years in film but had never worked in Theatre before. I came in late as someone had dropped out and Christina took a punt on me having never worked together before. We hit it off immediately we met.
Christina was professional and passionate and thoroughly committed to directing us all enthusiastically and tirelessly. She believed in the play and she made it clear she believed in us, even though, for some of us, namely me, it was really quite a challenging undertaking.
She incorporated breathwork and team building exercises before each rehearsal that broke down invisible barriers we weren’t even aware were there and ensured that we all bonded and worked together as one. She managed to bring the best out in all of us and the play was a tremendous success, selling out three nights in a row, which for a low budget play is not easy to do.
She is always upbeat, warm hearted and available and it was a wonderful first experience for me in theatre.
I learnt a lot in the process about my limits and capabilities, perceived and unperceived, real and unreal and I definitely grew in personal power and confidence under her gentle but firm direction.
Many thanks Christina and may we work together again soon in some capacity or other.
— Sarah Collinge. Actress.
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